• Ryan Newman

The Walking Vicar

Day 8 (Logrono to Nájera)

Distance: 18.02 miles (29KM)

Steps: 39,900

Time: 5 hours, 45 minutes

“If I'm gonna tell a real story, I'm gonna start with my name.” —Kendrick Lamar (American Musician)

It is amazing how different your body feels day-to-day on the Camino. Yesterday, amid our 12 mile journey, my left leg and foot hurt with each step—hurt real bad. Today, my leg offered no pain and my left foot (arch) only slightly hurt during the first hour. Yesterday’s rest ritual will need to become the Gospel moving forward.

Today, I learned I now have a nickname on the Camino. People are referring to me as “The Walking Vicar.” I must admit, I like that nickname. Wonder if I can get a shirt with that nickname printed on it? I probably should wait until I get to Santiago. I might soon be known as “The Crawling Vicar.”

Great conversations ruled today’s walk which began very early (6:30AM). When we left town, people were still stumbling out of night clubs and broken bottles littered the streets of Logrono’s historic district. I actually woke up at 1:00AM and literally thought my room was located in the middle of a disco-tech. The music was shaking the walls. Obviously, Logrono on a Saturday night is a happening town, except for the sleeping pilgrims.

When I am not walking, I am either eating, resting, bathing, doing laundry, or sleeping . . . and yeah, blogging. Food keeps you going and is a great social outlet. Rest is essential, especially for your legs and feet. I usually work on my blog and photos with my feet propped up on as many pillows as possible. Bathing is a public service—walking 4-6 hours makes even the best of us stink! Laundry, when you only have 2 or 3 outfits total, clean (cleaner) clothes are mandatory. A pilgrim rarely struggles to fall asleep. However, I still find myself restless after about 4 hours of sleep.

If you have specific questions, email me ryandouglasnewman@gmail.com. One day, I can do a Q&A blog entry.

Thanks for all the prayers—the feet and legs responded well today. Good thing, because I am “The Walking Vicar.”

Lesson of the Day: A little more rest goes a long way toward your body recalibrating. Take time to enjoy a siesta.


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