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School is in Session

Day 7 (Torres del Rio to Logrono)

Distance: 12.04 miles (19.5KM)

Steps: 29,100

Time: 4 hours, 2 minutes

“You'll never find a better sparring partner than adversity.” —Golda Meir (Israeli Educator)

Yesterday (day 6) when we completed 18 miles I felt like I could have walked another 10 miles. I felt great!! Today (day 7), beginning with my first steps, my lower left leg began to throb in pain. What changed from yesterday? Why?!?!

As of today, I have walked 103.5 miles. Only 400 more to go. These first seven days of the Camino have been amazing. My Camino Family continues to grow each day. There are so many special people walking to Santiago—each of them have remarkable stories and insights. Right now, I’m overwhelmed by all that my senses have taken in during this journey.

Today was the toughest—only because of the pain in my leg. I’m hoping with some ibuprofen, rest, and ice tonight I will be prepared for the start of week two tomorrow—one of the longest stages of the Camino. I really don’t want to hobble all day long to Nájera.

On today’s walk, I had a delightful conversation with the nine-year-old superstar of the Camino, Bayon. She is an intelligent young girl. She spent about 30 minutes sharing with me stories from the Baha’i faith. Her father, Brett, and her had initially planned to do the first 1/4 and the last 1/4 of the Camino over two weeks. However, after day four, Bayon convinced her dad to do the whole Camino.

Members of our Camino Family are now taking turns “educating” Bayon during our walks—as you can imagine her school is not super happy by her four week absence. Trust me, she is experiencing an excellent educational opportunity and she is teaching all of us a few things too.

Today, I was the student. I learned about the Baha’i faith. I learned also that my body is going to push back during this month-long journey.

Lesson of the Day: Reaching a goal is never pain-free.


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