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Hot Dog on a Cold Day

Day 16 (Carrión de Los Condes to Ledigos)

Distance: 14.42 miles (23.2KM)

Steps: 32,500

Time: 4 hours, 22 minutes

Total Distance To-Date: 245.77 Miles (395.52 KM)

“They who sing through the summer, must dance in the winter.” —Italian Proverb

Today, I reached the halfway point to Santiago from St. Jean Port-de-Pied. I’m halfway to completing the Camino!!!

However, there was virtually no time to celebrate. Our 14.4 mile walk occurred during unfavorable weather conditions. It was 32 degrees (wind-chill making it feel like 28 degrees). The sun hid behind clouds all day and on the last third of the journey we saw the occasional cold rain shower. It was so cold even the Canadian hikers were complaining!!

Today, our Camino Family took different approaches to the route. Brett, Jennifer, and Bayan, woke up super early (5:45AM) and powered their way to Sahagun—traveling an impressive 40KM in the cold weather. They are wanting to get to León by Wednesday. Caitlyn and I chose to travel only about 24KM and plan to reach León on Thursday. So is the reality on the Camino—different routes to the same end.

Caitlyn’s mother will join her in León for sightseeing before they continue the Camino together. Caitlyn’s journey with us will likely conclude in León. It might be a week or so until I fully sync back up with Brett, Jennifer, and Bayan. All of us have the same goal to reach Santiago on May 15th.

Today’s journey included a long stretch (17KM) without any towns. Thankfully, a wise entrepreneur has setup a makeshift cafe in the middle of nowhere. Among the offerings, he was cooking “hot dogs” (chorizo sausage on bread). It was 32 degrees and we were starving—why not have a Spanish hot dog at 8:30AM! It was both a blessing and a necessity.

As I write, my body is slowly returning to its core temperature. The weather tomorrow is not much better. However, I have a longer day planned. I better fill up one of my water bottles with hot tea and pray for another 8:30AM hot dog breakfast if I am going to survive this unseasonal cold weather through the Meseta.

Lesson of the Day: Spain can be cold (even at the end of April). Dress in multiple layers and don’t turn down a Spanish hot dog at 8:30AM.

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