• Ryan Newman

Camino Lessons

Day 29 (Vilei to Melide)

Distance: 13.4 miles (21.57KM)

Steps: 31,000

Time: 4 hours, 9 minutes

Total Distance To-Date: 453.14 Miles (729.26KM)

Day 28 (Vilei to Airexe)

Distance: 22.3 miles (35.88)

Steps: 51,000

Time: 7 hours, 6 minutes

Total Distance To-Date: 439.74 Miles (707.69KM)

“What makes the ordinary new?And what is the combination to truth? Once undecided now succumb. It wrecks the rocks and breaks your bones. You will find that it rings true. Hear the call, the path, from me to you. We fall silent and we pray as this harsh world it goes insane. And we are stars of this new play, we act the parts the start of everything.” The Path by Cary Brothers

I’m exhausted. Proof: Yesterday, after arriving in Airexe and eating lunch/dinner, I fell asleep at 7PM and woke up at 7AM (today). After 4 weeks of walking, some 440 miles by foot, my body registered a formal compliant through the message of sleep.

The accommodations in Airexe were very simple, but unfortunately both WIFI and cell service were extremely unreliable. It was the first time on the Camino I felt cut off from the world (thus the lack of a blog entry yesterday). My body obviously rejoiced and fell into a deep sleep for 12 hours.

The past couple of days have been a mixed bag. I’m really enjoying the Galicia countryside (as noted in previous blog entries). Unfortunately, a significantly strained left quad and the persistent rain are “testing” my patience and stamina. However, I find myself only 53KM from Santiago—two more days on the Camino. Time to take in these last, precious, few days on The Way.

My original Camino Family of Brett, Jennifer, and Bayan reached Santiago yesterday. They are continuing onto Fisterra to complete their Camino. I’m deeply sadden that I couldn’t walk into Santiago with them yesterday.

However, I believe it was God’s intention for my Camino to include my second Camino Family, specifically Daniela and Ana. Daniela gave me the greatest gift on the Camino—the story of her parents and specifically her father’s serenade of his wife of 35 years. It reminded me (and inspired me) the type of husband I want to be to Erin—the type that serenades his wife after 35 years. Also, I hope my daughter will grow up to be very much like Daniela and Ana. I want my daughter to be courageous, confident, and compassionate.

I‘m beginning to see that my Camino is a prelude to parenthood. However, like all great preludes, the story is all ready being told.

Lesson of the Day: There is no such thing as a walk “without a purpose.”


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