• Ryan Newman

Burgos Cathedral

Day 12 (Burgos to Tardajos)

Distance: 6.59 miles (10.6KM)

Steps: 12,000

Time: 1 hours, 54 minutes

Total Distance To-Date: 185.64 Miles (298.8)

“I wish someone would ask me to design a cathedral.” —Philip Johnson (American Architect)

A short walking day because I wanted take time to explore Burgos, particularly the renowned cathedral in Burgos.

Construction on the cathedral (Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Santa María de Burgos) began in 1221. Burgos Cathedral is the oldest Gothic cathedral in Spain. The cathedral was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on October 31, 1984. It is the only Spanish cathedral that has this distinction independently. It is notable for its vast size, magnificent Gothic architecture, and unique history.

The colossal Burgos Cathedral was begun its construction in 1221 by the King Fernando III of Castilla and was finished its construction in 18th century. The current Cathedral was built on the site of a Romanesque church which had been demolished in order to build a larger sanctuary. The Cathedral has 3 naves, 19 fantastic chapels, and a stunning Gothic cloister. The interior of the cathedral is grandiose: Many elements were built during the Renaissance and Baroque period, in 14-17 centuries.

I was most impressed by the individual chapels that line the sanctuary. Individuals and families commissioned these chapels. Many of the paintings and much work-working were done by some of Europe’s top artists.

Lesson of the Day: Our vision to capture God’s beauty is only limited by our humanity.


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