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Adjusting to Change

Day 20 (Leon to Villavante)

Distance: 19.77 miles (31.81KM)

Steps: 42,000

Time: 6 hours, 03 minutes

Total Distance To-Date: 310.15 Miles (499.13KM)

“If you want to change the outside world, you must first change your inside world.”

Last night we had to say our goodbyes to Caitlyn. Her mom joined her in Leon and will be walking with Caitlyn for the next couple of days after a few days of sightseeing in Leon. Our schedules will not realign. So, “Platoon 5” or “Team Pastry” is a woman down heading into Santiago.

However, our goodbyes were alohas—all of us plan to reconnect in the States. Ironically, Caitlyn will be in Orange County, California at the end of the month—the same time Erin and I will be visiting family in the O.C. We are hoping to connect. I would love for Erin and Caitlyn to meet.

After a brief period this morning together with my Camino family, my journey today took me on an alternative route path. I’m staying in Villavante at a beautifully restored casa rural—a bed and breakfast. The house is an old water mill and has amazing charm and even more amazing owners. This was one of the locations on the Camino I was most looking forward to visiting.

As Santiago nears, the excitement is building, but so are the aches and pain. Lately, my left leg and hip are a constant nuisance. However, the real culprit is most pilgrims’ worst enemy—our backpacks. I have been wrestle with my backpack for the past week—serious wrestling like Jacob wrestling with an angel. I suspect that I have lost a few pounds and now the waist belt isn’t fitting correctly. The more adjustments the more pain in my hip. As I try to relieve my hip pain, the pain transfers to my leg. Long story short . . . after walking 300 miles the body is going to rebel. Thank God for ibuprofen (and my personal doctor)!

The route today was fairly boring. It allowed for plenty of time to wrestle and adjust. Also, I began to listen to Reverend Carlton’s book, “The Gospel of Inclusion.” More wrestling, more adjusting.

Sorry, some days are more exciting than others on the Camino.

Lesson of the Day: Adjustments, no matter how small, can be difficult and painful.

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